Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities through community participation and the promotion of independence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support individuals in a community where everyone is valued as being equal and treated with dignity and respect.

Guiding Service Principles

The following principles are the fundamental beliefs and values that will guide all decision-making regarding service provision, organization activities, and policy development.

Building an Inclusive Community
That every person belongs in their community of choice, and has the same rights and responsibilities as all citizens to live, work and learn together.

Respect and Dignity
That as citizens of the community, persons with an intellectual disability deserve to be treated with dignity, and respected for their choices and unique contribution to the community.
That in recognition of and respect for differences in people’s communication styles, Madoc C.O.P.E. will facilitate a wide variety of communication strategies to assist self advocates in accessing information and making informed decisions (e.g. plain language, pictures, signs, video, etc.)

Rights and Entitlements
That an essential responsibility of Madoc C.O.P.E. is to advocate for and promote justice for people with an developmental disability.
That the rights of people supported by Madoc C.O.P.E. will reflect the “rights principles” used by self advocates.

Individualized Supports
That Madoc C.O.P.E. ensures that persons with an developmental disability are involved in personal planning, decision making and implementation of the services and supports they receive.

Shared Responsibility
That building an inclusive community is the responsibility of all the citizens.

Support for Families
That families often play an integral role in the life of their family member with an developmental disability, and families will be supported in their efforts. That supports and services may be planned and delivered within the context of the family as directed by the family member with an developmental disability.